Niki Taylor - Letter to Niki
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Dear Niki,

I am sure that you heard that many times before... but you did
change a part of my "world". I don't say here that you did a total
changing in my life like God could do for people, but you did open a
kind of world I would have never knew... without collecting on you.
When I decided to collect on you and your wonderful and late
sibling Krissy, I've met by postmail a lot of people through the
world... from USA to Australia, via Japan, Argentina, Russian etc...
I did met some of my closest friends by this way of penpalling... That
is what I thought about "you changed my life". I would have never
met them and never had the chance to get some exciting moments
with them.
Then, you did also open to me a wonderful and glamourous world :
photography and modelling. I did have fabulous moments
photographing and talking about fashion...

You are right about the barriers you put up between you and your
fans, but you did know how much you mean for fans back in 2001. I
was one of those you sent letters and gifts to you and also a lot of
prayers to help you out to recover...

Many fans might have stopped collecting on you and even threw
away their collection, but I SHALL never do it because I did put
enthousiasm, passion and fun in it...

Keep on living your own life far away from fans and just let us being
a little part of your world by gracing on magazines...

Kind regards,

I would like to thank a few
persons here whom helped me
through the years. I've been
collecting on Niki (and
Krissy) since 1989 and it
occures that I would have
never had all my HUGE
collection without them all
around : Cathy, Lea, Sari,
Jen, Linda, Micaela, Carole,
Leighton,Silvana, Bryan,
Steven, Benoit, Oliver, Kate,
Kim, Toby, Jaky, Fred,
Alexandra, Alex, Jamie,
Paolo, Stefano, Kurt, Carrie
and all the others too
numerous to be mentionned
but whom I thank all the

Then, I would like to say a
special thanks to : Leighton (a
huge fan of Krissy and a SO
dear friend) and Mrs T for all
their supports and love and

Last but not least, I would like
to THANK :

Niki Taylor, for just
being HERSELF...
I like her just the way she is.

Special thought to Krissy...
I miss her....