Niki Taylor - COVERS
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This page is dedicated to Niki Taylor... the divine and great floridian top
I've been collecting on her since september 1989 and I am happy that she
has found a new wonderful serenity in TN... with her awesome twins, Jake
& Hunter... & lovely daughter Ciel.

She is the greatest model of the last 2 decades !! She has faced more than
400 covers all over the world. She represented importants cosmetics
brands and was the spokewoman of Cover Girl for more than 10 years...

She now runs her BEGIN foundation and launched a fragrance "begin".

I really admire her for all she did, and does now. She is a great person and
really care about the others.

I wish her the best for the future...

take care Niki, have a wonderful, lisa
A few of the more than 400 covers that I have... they will be changed periodically....